私:お母さん、PS2は欲しいですよ! 母:家にPS2がある 家にPS2が:




I was today years old when I discovered TRAMP mode on Emacs

deciding whether you want to fuck around with the technical side or you want to actually turn the thing into an actual business that people use.

what do you mean after 6 years building my website from the ground up with my own http server + load balancer + CDN, hosted on my own Linux distribution, coded in my own backend language + compiler + framework, uses no javascript and vanilla HTML + CSS... nobody is even using it!?

It's amazing that a band of strangers -scattered across the world- can somehow get together for a game jam which then manage to make something amazing in a span of days, and somehow this miracle happens every single month (week, even) on!

I'm amazed sometimes how much you can learn, how many wrong ideas you can right, how many pathways you can discover, how many unknowns can be known, just by intently sitting through a learning material (book, video, course, etc.) for a few hours.

finally have dual monitor setup lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooo

kinda crazy to think sometimes that the first computer was built not even 100 years ago and now we can probably have AGI in the next 100 years, maybe even less.

we're really at the very teeny tiny first phase of the computer revolution, huh.